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AJK provides a comprehensive approach to schools and higher education learning facilities, taking into account federal regulations such as The Clery Act and others. New threats continue to emerge, where emergency communications and active shooter capabilities come fully into play.

  • K-12
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Campus Wide Facilities
  • Satellite Locations

From access control and identity management to physical and logical security and protection of data, the risks are complex for both K-12 and upper educational facilities. Dormitories and housing needs to be shored up with the latest access control, and also include smart cards for dual purposes such as security and debit. Video surveillance and remote guarding assists on-campus and responding police authorities and two-way communications and emergency voice duress technologies can blanket campuses with added protection for students, staff and visitors. Stadiums require an added measure of video surveillance and analytics when special events swell the number of people in an area.